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Efficient heating for cost savings

Thanks to technical progress in heating engineering, resources can be used more effectively today. Whether it be low-temperature or condensing boilers, solar-powered installations or heating pumps, a high level of efficiency is achieved, particularly when combined with surface heating systems. The heating systems used nowadays in new buildings and renovations, such as hot-water or electric surface heating, provide warmth and all-round comfort while at the same time keeping heating costs to a minimum. Low construction heights and dry laying open up countless possibilities for installation in existing buildings as well.

Heating for allergy sufferers
The higher floor temperatures keep dust mites and fungal spores at bay, doing those suffering from allergies the world of good. Ceramic floor coverings such as tiles or natural stone flooring can be used, and these cut energy costs even more. Other flooring materials are suitable too though.

Properly planned
The heating system should generally match the building’s design in order to obtain optimal performance. You can use the product finder to get an idea of which system meets your requirements. Our reliable specialists will also be more than happy to assist you in planning and installing your heating system. Simply get in touch.