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Perobe dry system

The low-cost hot-water underfloor heating system for old and new buildings

For a pleasant room atmosphere, the company PEROBE has developed a dry underfloor heating system that optimally distributes heat as its grooved panels are covered with galvanised heat conduction plates.

This heating system has a construction height of only 55 mm and can be laid on top of existing substructures without any problems. The high-quality PEROBE heating tubes are oxygen-tight to DIN and come with a warranty of 10 years as long as our installation instructions are adhered to.

When developing this system, PEROBE focused on the requirements of do-it-yourself building and consistently designed it so that it is suitable for straightforward one-person assembly of all components.

  • PEROBE hot-water underfloor heating in a dry design suitable as a complete heating system in the low temperature range for residential buildings, offices, schools, churches, etc.
  • Heating energies: all energy types such as oil, gas, coal, electricity, environmentally friendly energy and also heat recovery systems such as heat pumps
  • Room heating for all area sizes
  • Ideal for renovations
  • Detailed installation plans

Technical details

In detail, the system depth is 30-40 mm with an additional layer of dry screed (25 mm) or screed (> 45 mm) or flat bonded screed.

The system is regulated using room thermostats with a heating circuit manifold per storey or a return temperature limiter.

The grooved panels provide tube guidance and thermal insulation at the same time. An affixed sheet of aluminium foil and the heat conduction plates reflect/conduct the heat. They also increase the stability of the grooved panels and protect the heating tubes from mechanical damage during subsequent work.

Installation tips for the Perobe dry system

To put it clearly, it’s not just a matter of laying a couple of meters of tubing under the floor. Only when every single key detail is fine-tuned can the high heat output be ensured for the PEROBE complete system which combines the functions of heating and thermal insulation in one.

  • Grooved rigid foam panels are laid on the clean floor. They provide thermal insulation and tube guidance at the same time. Incredibly short assembly times are the result.
  • To increase thermal insulation or improve impact noise insulation, insulation elements can be additionally fitted under the tread boards.
  • The losses from heat dissipating downwards are exceptionally low. A high level of efficiency ensures the economic viability of the entire system.
  • The guidance of the tubes in the grooved panels provides protection while also ensuring equal tube spacing. The equal tube spacing and installation layout additionally make for a consistent floor temperature throughout the whole room.
  • Sheets of aluminium foil on the grooved panels and cover plates on the tubes increase the emission of heat upwards to the floor’s upper structure. The cover plates also protect the tubes from damage.
  • The ready-to-connect PEROBE standardised manifold constitutes the inlet and outlet of the entire system and allows you to connect the underfloor heating system to any heating facility and combine it with whatever type of control system you want.
  • For smaller areas, connection to an existing heating system is possible using a return temperature limiter.

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