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Open-space heating

Even when it comes to open outdoor spaces, heating systems have a number of potential uses, for example de-icing driveways. Generally, electric open-space heating systems have the task of melting hoar frost, black ice and snow to prevent slippery roads.

By means of a suitable surface structure and electric heating system configuration together with special temperature and moisture sensors, those much-feared slippery conditions when temperatures drop and snow falls can be avoided from the outset as the roadway is preheated. The system can be used on ramps, driveways, bridges, roads or pavements and is also suitable for stairs, flat roofs or sports grounds. The heating cables are laid on a fastening mat.

The Perobe heating cables have special design and insulation features. The usual road surfacing materials can be used to cover the system with the exception of hot bitumen. The control system is set up in such a way that it measures the ground temperature, surface moisture and air temperature and reacts according to the weather conditions.


The heating mat designed to suit the dimensions of the area to be heated is rolled out and fixed in place on the clean surface which must be free of stones and dust. It should lie under the surface to be heated as closely as possible. However, to ensure that it does not get damaged by natural wear of the upper layer, the surface covering should be at least 3 to 4 cm thick. After the laying process, the connecting lines (PTC resistors) connected to the heating line by watertight shrink-on sleeves need to be brought to the connection point. Areas measuring a maximum of 25 m² and expandable on all sides have proved to work well. Heating cables must not cross over expansion joints implemented on-site.

Benefits of an open-space heating system

  • No need to shovel snow or black ice
  • Increased safety for steep hills and driveways
  • Suitable for all kinds of ground and surface covering
  • Output of 300 W/m²
  • Tried and tested for hospital and garage entrances as well as pavements
  • Extremely robust heating cables
  • Can also be delivered with a Teflon coating (for asphalt)
  • Can be regulated based on moisture and temperature

Technical details

Open-space heating system, heating mat on fibrous material with 300 W/m² (230 V~)

W / L0.5 m x 5.0 m891 W
W / L0.5 m x 7.5 m1350 W
W / L0.5 m x 10.6 m1905 W