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Accessories for hot-water temperature control systems

Once you have chosen your new underfloor heating system, this is not yet fully operational. Depending on the system used, you may require several regulators to operate your underfloor heater properly. Regulators are used to connect the underfloor heater to the heating system, distribute the heated water and regulate the temperature. If you wish to operate a hot-water underfloor temperature control system, you normally need a return temperature limiter.

Return temperature limiter

The return temperature limiter is a self-operating proportional regulator that regulates the water temperature in the return line of the underfloor heating system. This regulator is absolutely essential in a hot-water underfloor temperature control system. It closes if the set target temperature is exceeded in the return flow, and opens if it is not reached. The adjustment range is between 20°C – 50°C. Flush-mounted return temperature limiters are also available.

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Heating circuit manifold

The heating circuit manifold distributes the heat to the individual rooms. With this type of regulator, an underfloor heating system’s heating circuits (tube loops) each with a supply flow and a return flow are connected to the heating circuit manifold using compression fittings. The heating circuit manifold allows each individual heating circuit to be balanced hydraulically by means of a valve. Even distribution of heat is only possible when the flow conditions in all heating circuits are at an equally high level.

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Distribution cabinet

The distribution cabinet accommodates the heating circuit manifold and other regulators of the underfloor heating system such as actuators and switching logic units.

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