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Pipe trace heating

Pipe trace heating is used to maintain the required temperature on and in hot-water pipes and to protect them from frost.

Your benefits from a Perobe pipe trace heating system:

  • Quality assurance verified by VDE and GS
  • Heating cable length freely selectable
  • Easy assembly with no need for tools
  • Regulated by a thermostat
  • Frost protection for water pipes

How long does the heating installation have to be?

The required length of the pipe trace heating system depends on the installation method.

Wound around: 2 x pipe length
Parallel installation: pipe length

Easy to assemble

The heating line is attached loosely with slight bends, preferably along the bottom of the pipe, and is fixed in place using aluminium tape. This ensures that heat is transferred optimally between the heating cable and the pipe. The pipelines should be sufficiently insulated to keep heat loss as low as possible. The insulation should be protected against the ingress of moisture.

Technical details

Pipe trace heating system with plug (230 V~)

4 m40 W
6 m60 W
8 m80 W
10 m100 W
14 m140 W
18 m180 W
22 m220 W
24 m240 W
32 m320 W
36 m360 W
48 m480 W
50 m500 W
60 m600 W